June 9, 2009

My first post.....

So, ok....here I go...this is my first post on my first blog...I have found that I enjoy reading so many other blogs that I should start my own, as it is strange for me to know so much about other people that I read...Sheri said it is just not fair...and was rather strange that I knew so much about her...

Today on the hill...My friend Chris came by and really did a great job cleaning up my yard...I am sorry that I did not get a before and after to show you...will try to catch Chris in a photo tomorrow if I can....my compost pile is huge!

Getting ready to go to Hook In in Euerka Springs this weekend...I have finished one project and really dont have anything I am starting at the moment...have a few ideas bubbling around in my mind...and CJ (my friend and cohert, the other Rustic Broad) has my hook....


  1. if you have not met my friend Vicki at The Hogscald Holler yet, you need to! She's an avid rug hooker! I think ya'll have a lot in common. There's a link on my sidebar if you need help finding her.

    Thank you for your kind comments on my tablescape!
    Dana and Daisy

  2. I love every thing in your comment on my blog today! thank you!

  3. Hi there! I was delighted you visited me and hope you'll return often. I think the "Rustic Broad" would be a fantastic name for a blog...don't you? I love it! ~ Lynn

  4. OK Mindy, I just found your blog tonight and read about it being weird for you to know about me!!! Now let's hear some more about you!!! LOL
    Start writing girl!

  5. yes, look what vicki started! I'm trying to get upstairs to mine as well! she shamed me into it.

  6. oh i wish I had known to look you up! Next time I will! I hope you get to go enjoy the show. Love, Dana and Daisy